About Us

Beefancy is an international contemporary and fine jewelry brand designed and based in London, crafted in its home place Istanbul, and shipped globally. There are no borders! Beefancy Jewelry offers a variety of products from A to Z, gemstones, pearls, zircon, silver, bronze, gold.

We mainly focused on initial letters, birthstones & horoscopes, customized angels and galaxy necklaces. As it aims to position personalized experience. For this reason, one of the most exciting points of Beefancy is to give the idea that every piece of jewelry is as unique as its’ owner.

Beefancy Jewelry carefully manufactured in Istanbul by over 20 years experience crafts. We are seeing that sustainability becoming more important, especially to the younger generation. At this point, we can easily say that all collections are ethically sourced and created by environmentally friendly gemstones.

In our Atelier collection, each piece has its own story. The vision behind each jewel is well thought out, hand-drawn on paper, and then implemented into craftsmanship. Each piece is hand-finished design, giving it a distinctive human touch and showcasing the old-world workmanship that gives our products a special emotional meaning.

Our collections are easy to wear from day to night, with the intention of becoming a part of your everyday ritual. High-quality fine jewelry usually comes with an equally high price tag, but Beefancy Jewelry provides a wide range of price scales, we want to make fine jewels more accessible.

Beefancy Jewelry is proud to be a unique, sustainable and yet contemporary brand thanks to the strength it acquires from the personalized and handmade products, minimal and chic lines and traditional cultural values.